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CCT Weekly Recap: Pluto TV Revamp, Roku Hardware Shootout, Netflix's Shuffle Button, & More! [Vídeo]

Today in Cord Cutting Today #333, we talk about the biggest stories in the world of cord cutting, including: Pluto TV’s Revamped Lineup, Our Roku Streaming Device Comparison, Netflix’s Shuffle Button Test, Streaming Service Bundle Deals, & More!

Story #1: Pluto TV Adds a Dozen New Channels and CBS Content & Reorganizes Channel Lineup (01:00)

Story #2: Peacock Will Launch a New Free Sports Channel, First Original Sports Talk Show (01:56)

Story #3: The Roku Channel is Adding More Than a Dozen Kids & Family Programs (02:56)

Story #4: Roku vs. Roku: Four Streaming Devices Compared Head to Head (03:38)

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Story #5: TiVo and Channel Master Pair Up to Bring DVR to OTA Antenna Users (04:24)

Check out our video: 5 Things You Should Know About Over-The-Air DVRs (w/ the Tablo Dual Lite and Amazon Fire TV Recast)

Story #6: Netflix is Testing (Another) Shuffle Feature (05:21)

Story #7: Verizon is Offering Free Disney+, Hulu, ESPN+ & Apple Music with New Unlimited Plans (06:30)

Story #8: Apple TV+ First Bundle Deal Includes CBS All Access and Showtime (07:12)

Story #9: Comet is Airing a Supernatural Sci-Fi Marathon for Ray Bradbury’s Birthday This Weekend (08:00)

Story #10: FCC Extends Comment Deadline on Spectrum Data Cap Petition (08:51)

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  1. Scott Dow

    Is there a way to tell what's free and whats not free in the Roku channel? They confuse me with mixing free stuff with subsriptions through the Roku channel, so I just have been avoiding them.

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