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ESPN FIRST TAKE | Stephen A. "excited" Mavs stun Clippers 127-114; Luka debut 'history', Kawhi 35-Pt [Vídeo]

ESPN FIRST TAKE | Stephen A. “excited” Mavs stun Clippers 127-114; Luka’s making ‘history’ debut, Kawhi 35-Pt

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30 Comentários

  1. Chuck

    Stephen A smith simply looks to see if the super star on the team is black, if they are then he picks them over the white superstar. He's been doing this since he got on ESPN. he is very often wrong.

  2. Collin Schultz

    Luka Westbrook Magic lebron are like Oscar Robertson plus Luka has a harden step back driving and free throws drawing fouls lebron ally opp passes half court passes drive and kick passes vision Westbrook Rodman ability instinct rebounding

  3. Nate Cruz

    Why is SAS saying the Clippers have championship experience? There is literally one damn player on that team that has won a title (Kawhi). Every other player is either a routine chucker in the playoffs or just average in the playoffs.

  4. Hows my Dirk taste?

    People forget that the mavs are missing 3 key players.. Their starting center dwight powell, a very good young back up point guard jalen brunson and back up center Willie culey stein.. With their playoffs experience win or lose. This team will gonna be nasty next season.

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